Heading on to the final exams

This semester is perhaps my last semester in which I have to take classes (if I do not fail) because I would be completing my credit requirement for graduation. Ahead lies the year of core research which I am waiting for. But still, there is a bridge for me to cross. Final exams. I am not so worried this time as much as I was in last semester. This could be dedicated entirely to the courses that I have chosen. Out of four classes, I only have one written exam and all other courses include some kind of project or presentation. I remember how I spent a sleepless week last semester.

This semester has been quite special. I have been taking courses from National Chiao Tung Universtiy (a sister university of NTHU). It is quite cool how one can take courses from other universities. Because some courses which are offered in English are better there. I have one subject called Heat Convection which is quite theoretical and I am slightly afraid of that because I count myself as one of the poorest mathematical guys. But I am just waiting for the last night and you can understand why 😀

Apart from it, I enjoyed playing badminton this semester. Last semester, I tried to learn swimming which ended up in a fail because of me not getting to understand anything what my teacher used to teach. I am planning to give it one more try next semester.

Right now, it is less than a week before all the project submissions and exams bombard themselves onto me. Well, I am pretty ready too (over-confidence, eh).


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