The Star Australian Open and Indonesian Open

Since the time I have started playing badminton, I have been trying to follow it quite closely. This came to me as an idea of writing about the recently completed tournaments. If I take this time of a couple of weeks, The Star Australian Open and BCA Indonesia Open are latest of them.

What I missed in these super series was my Champion, Lee Chong Wei. I am assuming that Lin Dan got eliminated in the earlier rounds because of not finding him in the tournament (a lame excuse I know). However, even my Indian team players did not perform good enough as much as they can. Many people expect from Kidambi and Kashyap. Kashyap eliminating Chen Long in Indonesian open will surely count as remarkable. I remember I had given up on him when I saw him getting defeated in the first set itself. But Kidambi! He got eliminated by a shuttler from nowhere. That is not what one expects from a top seeded player. Well, this can happen in sports.

Women played well, but again, not up to the mark. Indian hope, Saina got eliminated in her games by Chinese divas who definitely are as good as her. Better luck next time. Indians have not been so famous in the doubles game though. Gutta-Ponappa are perhaps the best doubles competitor we have so far. Keep an eye on the next BWF Championship, it is not too far!


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