Oh Poor Maggi!

Well, these days you must be hearing a lot about Maggi. This is my emotional tribute to a recently discovered as being hazardous yet our favorite fast food (I prefer simply saying it food). I can not really recall when I first had Maggi but since I am here away from India, I know I last had it before leaving India. There are countless memories associated with it.

I remember fighting to my siblings over it. I am pretty sure that you were the one too who were always willing to have it more than the others anyhow. And while you finish yourself first, the way you ask others for just a little more.

In school, we used to have our lunch together and when one of us had Maggi in his lunch, he was treated like a rock star who could had any amount of food of others in exchange of a tiny teeny amount of Maggi. This was the Maggi power.

While I had my accident, and my mouth was all broken. At that time when my teeth were not strong enough to chew the roti, Maggi supported me because it was heavy enough yet delicious at its end. How can I forget this?

And last but not the least, in college. How we couple of friends, late at night, after putting lights off, used to cook it so that no other could know about it. However there were instance when we were doubted because of it’s smell (fragrance).

No doubt, it could be unhealthy and as they claim, it could have excess amount of lead. But it had some part in our life, which can not be neglected so easily. Do you have any Maggi instance to share?


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