Long time no see

It has been really long since I wrote my last post. I have been very lazy lately, perhaps. Some times, there is nothing I could find to write or in some cases, the thing gets forgotten. I recall how I used to read the things and based on my experiences, I used to imitate them here in a simpler way. About my travel tales, I really did not go much outside the city to pen things down here. I guess I was missing my two of my inspirations to write, reading and travelling. But what I missed most was in fact experience. Without it, I can not go anywhere. It is today that I am experiencing some kind of discomfort that I have not written anything since a month, it makes me write this.

It is not the case that I had not encountered anything worth writing, there were many things which would be written now in this month, delayed. I need a come back and I will. One can not blog without blogging!


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