Welcome back Chong Wei

Cricket is perhaps the most popular sport in India but as the winters used to hit my town, because of the fear of getting hit by the hard ball in chilling winter, our winter sport was badminton. I have been playing it from quite a long. Though I had never really played it on an actual badminton court until I entered college. In my college, I played in my first and final year and since our hostels in second and third year did not had courts, I could not thought of going to some other hostels to play.

To a surprise, I did not watch the professional badminton until my final year. This is dedicated partially to the bad internet of my previous hostels. I watched a lot of badminton in my final year. Mostly, I watched singles game, be it of men or women. This is when I became a fan of (Datuk) Lee Chong Wei. I am a true admirer of his game and his sportsmanship. I have watched some of his excellent matches and some in which he has perished. I had seen him with his rivals, and how he played against them. This is the kind of behavior and temperament I would love to achieve someday.

Recently, he was associated with a doping case. It was being said that he could face a two year ban. This was a sad news for people like me. Chong Wei, in his defense had confirmed that this drug could be a left over from his stem cell implant earlier and he had no intentions of using any illegal drug for playing badminton. I had my hopes high with him and the Badminton association in its final hearing said that he can resume his play from May 1. YEAAHH. Not too long before he would be on court again. I am really excited to see him play again. He is my badminton idol.


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