A disaster of Science

Nature is usually silent. It does not make much sound. If you listen to the birds chirping in the morning or the evening breeze echoing in your ears, it is pleasant. But is this silence, is this beauty a result of something beautiful? The answer would be NO. To establish this world we live in, Earth has struggled a lot. It has faced a tremendous series of changes in its ecosystem and more importantly, it has been patient enough to host the life it presently has.

But is this equilibrium forever? Of course not. Internal and external disturbances are unavoidable. Luckily, I have not seen any serious external disturbance so far like the dinosaurs saw in their time. But if I talk about internal disturbances in Earth, I must have heard(and felt) many. Earthquakes and thereby generated Tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions, cyclones etc. are some of the imperfections in our almost perfect world. These little imperfections are not so serious if I see it from Earth’s point of view considering all those massive collisions, impacts which Earth had in it’s past. But we humans are not as strong as our bearer, we are highly sensitive to these tiny disturbances. Mankind has suffered extremely in some of these situations.

Most recently, Nepal has been a victim of an internal disturbance in Earth’s tectonic plates. What we can do? Obviously nothing. These things are bound to happen. It looks like we have to pay a price every now and then for our habitat on Earth. This universe we live in, it looks so empty and silent. But at the time when it makes some noise, it makes others cry.


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