My part time hobby: Designing

I am combining two words in the title, part time and hobby. Usually people have hobbies and they often do that thing, but the case is not so usual with me. I consider hobbies as something which I like to do and since there are many of such things, some are done at a lesser rate. Designing is one of them. I am talking about the designing on Photoshop. I learned a little bit of PS in my first year of college and then later on, just with practice.

I worked with some college clubs and teams to design their banners, posters etc. And I loved doing that. This is why I am calling designing as my hobby. I am not a very good designer though I do it with my heart. I try to make it as nice as I can. Here I would like to share some of the designs that I made:

I try to grab some opportunities to design something here and there. Because I know if I don’t design for a long time, my idea generation machine inside would die and it really takes a lot of time to think about new designs.


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