First open book exam experience: Pre-exam

I have been studying from almost 18 years now. I do not clearly remember about my early childhood but after my grade 3, I am pretty sure about how things went in my academic life. “Consulting” a book or a piece of paper during exam was termed as cheating (LOL), it still does if your books contain the questions and their answers directly. After coming to Taiwan, I have experienced “open one A4 sheet” exam in my previous semester where we were allowed to carry one A4 sheet with us and apparently, we wanted to write all 300 pages of our book on that single¬†sheet. What a pity!

This semester, today is gonna be my first open book exam. I am excited about it, no place for nervousness because I am prepared for it. I have practiced the theory, derivations and some numerical. One thing I am assuming about this exam is that it is gonna be conceptual and fundamental. Why? Because it is open book. Teacher is gonna make the question paper keeping this in mind. I have always loved knowing and relying on my concepts rather than mugging up the creepy formulas to save time.

I am writing this blog post right now while my exam will start in some two hours. Because I think I am all prepared (over confidence?). Be it or a good or bad one, I know that I am gonna give my everything DURING exam, that is what really matters for me. Let’s see how it goes! Wooo-hoo!


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