Motive : A really worth APP on Windows Phone

I have seen a lot of people crying about lack of apps on windows phone. Some do not even know about how many apps does WP store actually has. I am a satisfied user from almost an year now. Recently, I came across a really nice APP called “Motive” I guess the name would make the motive of “Motive” quite clear. It takes care that you are doing enough to achieve your motive(s). It gives you option to add habits that will make you achieve your motive.

For instance: my motive is to be fit and stay healthy. So my habits include good food, exercises etc. Habits could either be daily or weekly. Once you complete a hobby, you can tell Motive and it will keep an eye on your (in)consistency. It allows you to see and interact with other people and their motives and about their progress. You can see about the habits of people adhering to the motives like yours which is really a nice thing.

I consider this APP to be really useful for a busy life as many of us have. We want to do many things but we could not stick to it. This is just like a motivator, at least to me. Check it out if you have a Windows Phone because they didn’t made it available for Android or iOS as of yet now. (POOR GUYS) JK.


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