Gas dynamics project: Baking soda and vinegar rocket

By the end of last semester, I was pretty much done with the classes taught in Chinese and that is when I decided to take just the classes taught in English for this semester. This was the time I became more selective and I looked out for every English course in almost EVERY department. I got to know about the course of gas dynamics being offered by my department. I looked at the syllabus and it got my interest quite much. What got my interest more was the marks distribution. I always prefer classes which does not have written exams at the middle and end of semester and instead rely on presentation or projects. The reason being, later ones are simple 😉

On the first day itself, professor made us aware about our mid term project: to make a rocket working on propelling pair of baking soda and vinegar. This is pretty easy. When you mix these two, a lot of carbon dioxide is released which in turn provides the required thrust for rocket. What the difficult task in this project was? To make a launcher which could withstand more pressure and that is how you could fly higher. Another difficulty could be accounted as the rate of reaction. If you take too much time to settle the things before launch, the rocket just might launch itself without waiting for you.

I used the easiest method as shown in the video on this link and our rocket was flying quite decently. I was also looking for some parachute mechanism but I could not work it out. By today, we had made a working rocket in two nights which could fly. We used a cork which we borrowed from a bar! Luckily, our rocket was in air for about four seconds though it could have been better. Never mind! So here is me and my little rocket (no other meaning please):

IMG_2177Not that bad I guess? I had a bit of vinegar on me while we were trying and launching. But, it dried off at the end.

Final project for this subject is still not revealed and I am really looking forward to it.


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