Windows Phone 10: Technical preview released

I always love to experiment and try new things on my phone and PC. When I had android, I had more freedom to play with my phone. I remember using different custom ROMs, making boot animations and using them on my device. However, with WP, I obviously do not have that freedom, but I have some freedom of different kind: to use their preview versions which have not yet released.

Microsoft has fortunately made available their Windows 10 technical preview for PC quite a time before but to have the same flavor on my Lumia 1320, I needed to wait till today. Microsoft released technical preview version of Windows Phone 10 for many handsets today while earlier it had released it for a couple of phones only. I was waiting for PST to hit 10AM but it came by a little late. It was morning in Taiwan already. Without wasting any moments, I registered myself for the Windows Insider program by which I can use this technical preview. After this, when I checked about the updates on my phone. This was the pretty screen:

Download download download!
I had waited for it. I can not hit “not now” now

With my pretty nice internet connection, it took not much to download and install the update. Then the phone had gone for a reboot and by the time I checked it again, the job was already finished. I love it when I see the synchronized apps on my phone and laptop now. Though this is not the final build and I HOPE and EXPECT Microsoft to add many more things in the final builds, which I am sure they will.

P.S. Microsoft’s original post about it.


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