My Experience with Windows Phone.

It was May 2014 when my Android phone was too weak to handle the modern affairs of that time as it was around two years old. It was rooted because it had an internal memory of JUST 150 MB out of which some was eaten up already by the core apps of HTC. Phew. Only I knew how much I had to wait after tapping the screen sometimes. I was looking for new phones over the internet. My aim was a budget phone therefore apple was always out of league. Then it comes down to market winner android and the underdog Windows phone. I had heard some good things about WP from few friends of mine who were using Lumia. My android option was Moto G which was quite popular at the time of release.

Probably I searched for around 10 or 15 days all over the internet about Android and WP. Reading reviews, comparing specs, benchmarks and everything I could do. In the end, I made my mind to give a try for WP as I was a little frustrated with Android. At that time, my choice was either Lumia 630 or Lumia 1320. I chose 1320 because of the better hardware although it was more expensive than 630. I started with WP8 which was really not so good when I use WP8.1 Denim update now. Probably within a month, I got the Cyan update on this phone and everything was super lovely. People complain a  lot about lack of apps on WP but I have all the apps that I use for my daily needs. On the contrary, I know about some apps which were made available first for WP and later on for Android or other platforms e.g. OFFICIAL app. Right now, Microsoft are working on Windows 10 and I think it is a nice idea to unify desktop and phones because for people like me who use windows on desktops and laptops, it would be even much better when I have a WP in my pocket.

If I have to describe WP in one line, I would call it a perfect blend of Android and iOS because it gives a better performance than android on the prices cheaper than an iPhone.  And yeah, last thing, I love Windows Phone.


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