Turning back

Before me, I was watching a mesmerizing view,
a view capable enough to let my eyes glue.
A view of the hill with trees all around,
with chirping birds as the only sound.

I turned back to see what was there,
I saw big machines, I saw big parts of spare,
devastating the beautiful view that my eyes once had,
and killing it, making my heart terribly sad.

‘Cause of it, I couldn’t stop myself to turn back again,
I saw people dying due to hunger and pain,
one was feeding on her wife, and the other had his brother,
may be it was the only way to satisfy hunger.

When I came to senses, then I remember the time,
when even plucking a flower was considered a crime,
now there is no need to tell any story,
when plants and vegetation had been in history.

There was no way, other than to accept the pain,
so I didn’t dare to turn back again.


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