3 Nights, 3 Night Markets

Taipei. Perhaps the most famous city of Taiwan. There are a lot of places one would like to be if one is a traveler. When I went to Taipei for a one day trip last year, I thought there were too many good places and the time was extremely less to see even a bunch of them. Taipei 101, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, Yangmingshan, National Palace Museum, Taipei Zoo etc. are some of the noted tourist spots. Apart from this, this city has the most famous night markets in Taiwan. For those who don’ know what a night market is: this is some kind of street market selling a wide variety of things. It is about getting to know Taiwanese culture from a different point of view.

Shilin night market, Ningxia night market and Tamsui night market were the three that I got to go while I was in Taipei for three days and three nights during a conference. Shilin is perhaps the most famous of these, and ofcourse one of the biggest. Ningxia was probably spread across a street of 200 meters while Tamsui was in between these two.

Shilin Night Market: Getting here is easy. It is right on the MRT route. However I got down at Jiantan MRT station and it was just a 2 minutes of walking from here. It is quite big and took me about two hour to see, eat and jumble through it. You can find a lot about it on the internet.

Ningxia night market: I was staying near the Zhongshan MRT station and this is night market in that area. Since I went there with my local friends, I do not exactly remember the route but it could be 15-20 minutes of walking from MRT station. However, there is lesser crowd, on the other hand, lesser noise, but quite a lot of things to eat and buy.

Ningxia night market
                                                          Ningxia night market

Tamsui night market: Located near the Tamsui MRT station and Tamsui river, which is one of the noted tourist spots in Taipei. This is also one of the decent night market I would say. Not a lot of places to eat, but a hell lot of places to buy things. Iron egg is a special thing to eat here.

Iron Eggs
                                                                    Iron Eggs

4 thoughts on “3 Nights, 3 Night Markets

  1. ChasingGains March 24, 2015 / 12:42 PM

    Those iron eggs certainly look different!
    I’m heading to Taiwan in July and can’t wait to check out all the nightmarkets!

    Liked by 1 person

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