Smartphone vs. Lover?

Twenty first century is surely a technical era. We are surrounded by all kind of techy things one can think of. One such inseparable thing these days is the smartphone. People are actually crazy about it. For many, their day starts with checking mails and messages and ends up at the same. Even the kids have transformed abruptly. I remember my childhood as gully cricket (playing cricket in the street) and today, those streets have gone inside the smartphones. But they are kids, they do whatever they like! We are grown ups. Aren’t we?

Unfortunately no! Smartphones are prioritized much more than it should be. There is one idea in my mind: It has become even more important than our lover, yes LOVER. Let me put forward these points.

1) Obsession: Think for a moment. Can you see your smartphone with someone else for an hour? Perhaps your lover is someone you can trust, your lover is human. But your smartphone, is it loyal to you without any passwords?

2) Security: Whom do you secure more? I think you know the answer. For hardware, you put all kinds of cases and glasses on it so that it doesn’t get hurt. There are a lot of screen lock and file, photos, folder locks. How many do you use? Think about your lover. How many times do you put your arms around him/her for a secure feeling?

Obviously, many of us are sensible enough to LIVE A LIFE. Smartphone. No doubt it is extremely important, but not the most important thing in your whole life. Make people an important thing, make life an important thing. The world inside your smartphone is not real.


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