Scholarship and Visa for Internship at NTHU

Previously I have written a post about how to apply for internship at NTHU. Assuming that you are one such lucky person who has been invited for this internship. There are further things to be taken care of, your selection is just a beginning. First of all, since many of us are concerned about the financial aspects, let me talk about the scholarship that you will be getting. It will provide you free accommodation on campus and airfare up to 15000NTD. If your airfare is more than this, you will be the bearer. Apart from it, you have to bear your visa fees, daily expenses including food and travel. Approximately, you may need about 6000-8000NTD per month for these expenses. There is always a slight chance that your host professor could provide you some fund from his research grant, depends on luck!

Now comes the other important thing, your visa. You may hire an agent for this, but I will suggest you not to, because it is not that hard really. NTHU will provide you with documents that you will be needing from their side, e.g. invitation letter, permit letter (a document from the Taiwan government that you are permitted to research in Taiwan). From your home university, you will need to get a bonafide/student certificate, no objection certificate. You will need to arrange some documents by yourself. For example: financial statement i.e. bank statement which shows that you have enough funds to sustain in Taiwan, round trip flight ticket, filled online visa application form, visa fee slip and obviously, your passport.

I hope that this will help you in getting your documents ready and getting visa. Generally embassy grants visa in 3 working days.  If your documents are not complete, they will give you a call. You can even call them to inquire about the status of your visa. Good luck!


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