(Twenty) Six Degrees of Separation

We live in a big world, indeed a very big world. You can estimate it from the fact that the surface area of Earth is more than 5000000000 sq. km. (do not bother to count the zeros, I am telling you it’s huge) and there are not many people who travel it in their lifetimes. But we, earth-livings, are not really attentive towards the vastness of this universe. We hardly wonder about the extremities of sky while we look at it.

Last week, I was reading a book called “You are here” by Christopher Potter where I found about the classification of this extreme vastness. All the things of this universe can be put into twenty six levels or degrees.

The first degree is from 1 meter to 10 meter i.e up to 10 raise to the power one.  All the humans, many animals (not all) falls in this range. Robert Wadlow was the tallest human (2.72m) in our history. These are the things that we can see when we are near to them and can not be observed as we go far away.

The second degree is from 10 meter to 100 meter i.e 10 raise to the power two. This range includes large animals such as the dinosaurs of whose fossils give us the estimation of their lengths.

Similarly, the third degree covers human things up to skyscrapers. Burj is about 818 meters which is currently the tallest one.

The fourth degree extends up to 10km, Mt. Everest is an example within this range.

Higher levels include orbits of satellites. Hubble telescope orbits at around 600km (Sixth degree). High orbit Earth satellites orbit in the Eighth degree while the natural satellite of Earth, Moon, orbits in Ninth degree.

After the satellites, comes the planets, Venus at it’s closest is in Eleventh degree. And after the planets, our mighty sun can be considered which is at the average distance which falls into Twelfth degree of separation.

This is the criterion that is further extended to estimate the measure of bigger things than sun, such as galaxies and galaxy clusters.

P. S. Six degree of separation is a theory/play that any two persons can be connected to each other with a maximum of up to six interconnections. This is a personal separation space while I talked about what I probably can call cosmic separation.


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