Truman syndrome

Yes, you are right! I am talking about the famous Jim Carrey movie – The Truman Show. In this, a person’s life is being broadcasted on TV right from his birth. All around him is a fake television set which he believed to be his world. From fake people around him to the fake atmosphere, everything is created artificially around him. This idea takes me back to one of the theories of our world that we all are in some kind of simulation as was Truman.

Though we are usually not that special that we would be watched every moment but after this movie, many persons began to assume this. Perhaps till the time of this movie, they were pretty much not bothered about it whether they were being watched or not. It created some kind of “awareness” among that segment of people. May be because of such people, writer of the movie once said : “You know you’ve made it when you have a disease named after you”

I perceive this movie as an extreme optimistic one as Truman tries to find the reality and the truth by going beyond his fears and limits. He listened to his inner voice when all the voices around him tried to distract him. And this is a very important thing one should do in his life.


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