Hot politics, Delhi elections

I am not much of a political person but these days, whenever I turn on any news channel, there is always some part of the TV screen showing some update about the upcoming Delhi elections. It could be about some party criticizing the other or some other party campaigning about them and what they could bring to Delhi. Of course, winning Delhi is important: it is the capital and heart of India.

Personally, I think that all parties have their good and bad aspects. This election is about choosing a party which is least bad to come into power. On one hand, BJP is supported by Modi wave while AAP has Kejriwal on it’s side. Congress is not even getting a two-digit seats in most of the surveys. Perhaps Delhi has not felt so good in their rule which lasted for a decade.

Right now, it is hardly 24 hours left for the voting to be held. No matter what, all the politicians will be prepared, and so will be the voters. In my vacations, watching about this elections is quite a nice thing to pass my time on. I am not much of an expert, so it would be completely inappropriate if I try to mention about any party in detail. Ah! It is not my domain seriously. Which ever party wins, may the people of Delhi get the best out of this election. If you are a Delhite and you are eligible to vote, do not forget to vote. Let us have a better nation.


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