Happy Birthday Ludwig Prandtl

I had almost forgotten about him. Thanks to the Physics Today’s Facebook page of whose post hit me right into the face. It was the birthday of one of the marvelous pioneers of my research field, Ludwig Prandtl. Right from my undergraduate days, I have been learning about his work in my favorite subjects of fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

Those who do not know about him, Prandtl, by many people is called as the father of modern fluid mechanics. In fluid dynamics, he has given the very important boundary layer theory which forms the basis of solution of many flow situations. While in heat transfer, he has given a dimensionless number known as Prandtl number, which related the hydrodynamic and thermal aspects of a heat transfer situation.

He must has also been a good teacher. Among his students, I have read about Blasius, Pohlhausen and von-Karmon. They have contributed significantly just like their adviser. To an awesome researcher and a good teacher, Happy Birthday.

P.S. I have known an incredible person who has done excellently in the field of Science and also bears the same first name. He is Ludwig Boltzmann. Though he is famous now, but he was not, till his suicide.


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