A trip back to India, Home!

As the semester ended, there was this happiness that there were no exams further. But, I had this happiness within me about the feeling of going back to India, my home. Luckily, I had one friend accompanying me otherwise waiting at the airports would had almost killed me. I would love to share about this special trip.

1. NTHU to Taoyuan Airport: We took a cab from university to get to the high speed rail (HSR) train station from where we were supposed to take a train to Taoyuan. Apparently, our cab driver knew a little English and I knew a bit Chinese. We had a pretty nice conversation on the way. He was trying to convince us to take us to the airport rather than just taking to the train station. However his offer was too unacceptable. Cabs are costly affair man! He dropped us as at 9.10AM and we were supposed to take the 9.30AM train which we missed due to unavailability of seats. This got us the next train at 10AM. We reached Taoyuan around 10.15AM. I got a little goosebumps as our flight was to be departing at 11.35AM. I tried to look for cab to take us to airport from train station but there was none. We took a bus and on the way to airport, I was just wishing to make it on time. Clock was moving faster than the bus. Somehow, we reached airport around 11AM. We checked in at the airlines quite conveniently however the mighty immigration procedure was yet to be taken care of. While standing in the queue, I was looking at the time again and again. At around 11.15AM, we cleared immigration and we ran towards our gate from where our flight was supposed to depart. Luckily, we boarded at 11.30AM. It was a Boeing 737-700. We were sweaty in winters and took a sigh of relief as we settled down on the seats. I smiled looking out of the window. Boarding a plane could have never been more adventurous.

Just before landing, a view of Kunming
This is our carrier Boeing
Moments of anxiety

2. Halt at Kunming (China): From Taoyuan, we reached Kunming where we were needed to wait for around 8 hours till our next flight to Kolkata, India. This time was pathetic. In Kunming, we were needed to have a Chinese mobile number to access WiFi which we did not posses. We asked at help centers and the pretty Chinese girls were kind enough to share their passwords. But it was in vain. Internet was way too slow which the receptionist said in Chinese and my Chinese vocabulary was strong enough to grasp it. Anyhow, we spent the time by watching movies, roaming around, eating. At around 11PM, we checked in for the next flight. I did not remember which Boeing it was. But I was awake all night to get down and step in INDIA. Next morning, I had a flight from Kolkata to Lucknow, my home.

Inside Kunming Airport
A view inside Kunming airport
This is INDIA
This is INDIA, a view over Lucknow

I do not want this post to get too long because personally, I do not like long posts. I will be spending one month in India and would also be dancing in a marriage of my cousin brother. Life is full of good moments, we just need to realize them.


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