And the semester ends…

At this moment, I feel relief and an anxiety because I would be going back home. But the last week was just as opposite of now. It was about to the end of my first semester at Tsing Hua and it was full of exams. Out of the five subjects I have elected for this semester, I was concerned mostly for the two subjects which were the core for my school.

Like I do always, I estimated the marks I need to pass the subjects and the marks I need to get a good grade. Results are not out yet so I have to wait till then to comment on my prophecy and dedication. This is what I feel that I posses extreme love for the subject just the night before exam and the things I read that night create a lot of ideas in my head and while roaming around those ideas, it takes me even longer to finish the subject which is my primary task. However, at the end of night, these ideas give me a confidence to fight the exam.

BUT, what is more important than this night to me is the two or three hours of the exam. During the exam, I often estimate again that how many marks could I get if I just submit my answer sheet. Obviously I feel that those marks are not good enough, so I fight for more marks and I look for from where could I suck more marks out of the questions. Oh well, that’s my strategy and I am a geek, which I know.

Anyway, this last exam of mine was the most difficult. It was an “open one A4 sheet” exam and we were allowed to take one A4 with us and this is how my A4 page looked like, filled with a lot of ink.

WP_20150117_001This is just the result of one night and I hope that I would pass the subjects.
Voila! This is the end of semester and now, I need to have more fun, not the geeky type one.


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