Chinese Class and Final Exam

Nǐ hǎo! This is my first semester and I have to take Chinese language class here at National Tsing Hua University so as to get 4 credits of Chinese in the first year. It is quite fun to be honest, not much like a class. First thing to mention, this is actually an international class. My class mates are mostly south Americans, Europeans and few Asians like me. Learning Chinese is quite practical while living in Taiwan. I can do all my experimentation after learning with my lab mates and anybody I speak to. It feels like immense pleasure when I am able to convey my thoughts in Chinese (though it doesn’t happen much often).

My teacher is extremely nice and friendly. She gives less homework, explains well and interacts with everyone. One of the best teachers probably I have come across so far. At the end of this semester, I am having a lot of handouts so that I can always read Chinese by myself at any time in future and some beginner Chinese speaking skills which is more important. Besides my teacher, I am also learning Chinese from my Chinese and Taiwanese friends. Whenever I feel like Oh! How to say that? I do not know it yet. I go to them and understand small things which are useful in daily life.

Today, it was my final exam and I was required to introduce myself in Chinese. I had prepared for it already with the help of my friends. And when I finished my introduction, my teacher said “How long have you been learning Chinese?” and all I could say was “I am just a beginner and all Chinese I know is because of you” (I wish I could say this to her in Chinese at the same moment). This was the introduction I prepared and I was able to speak it flawlessly before her:

WP_20150105_001[1]With this, I feel a bit confident now in learning more Chinese which I will do in next semester. I expect it to be smooth just like this semester. Learning Chinese is fun and also useful if you’re in this part of Asia. Xièxiè. Zàijiàn.


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