Some infinities ARE bigger than other infinities

Yes, you are thinking right. I recently came across this line in the  fault in our stars. This movie was thought provoking and indeed, quoted many things which are bitterly true. I was amused by the description of life it presented, my ideas coherent with that. Many of us think for at least once in our lifetime that we are here for a special reason and we should be remembered by the world. It is not a bad thought. All of us want to be famous and popular in our lives. Even I too want to be popular. BUT! Is it really that necessary that we entirely forget about what we already have?

On an average, we can survive for around 70 or 80 years. What happens after that? Nobody really knows. This is our infinity of life. In these countless moments, we shape our lives throughout the end of our journey. We see time on a scale which we think is big enough. But if sun could talk to me, he would probably say that he has seen my every ancestor and things beyond that. This could be his infinite of life. We are just so tiny yet we forget to realize that the universe is grand. Our life, no matter how much it mean to us, would be an extremely small moment in the infinity of universe.

NO! I do not want to discourage you even a bit. I just want you to look around, to look for the things you have, to look for people who call you their friend, family, lover. Look around yourself in your small universe. It will have countless things to cherish your life. Life is an extremely beautiful gift. Make your infinity of happiness bigger every single day. Probably at the end, it could be your infinity which would be remembered.


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