How to apply for Bachelor/Masters/PhD at NTHU

Previously, I had written about applying to National Tsing Hua University for internship. As much as this place is good for a short term research, it is an awesome place for a meaningful research and higher studies. Applying to NTHU is not very difficult either. You have to make an online application through the website of their International office. First step is to complete the online procedure which is not very time taking as it is just about the basic information. So what are the documents required after that? Here is a list of them:

1. System generated online application form. This is your identity for the recruiters.
2. One copy of Diploma (Degree). For people who have already graduated would be having this, and for those are in their final years, they can ask for a letter from their university about their anticipated graduation date. It is not much of an issue.
3. Transcript. These people wanna know what courses you have studied so far and how were you good of a performer while your previous studies. It would be issued by your university, so it is not really your headache either.
4. Study plan. Perhaps the most important thing in your application: Your statement of purpose. Why do you want to join them? What makes you think you are different from others blah blah blah. They give you enough space (3 pages to be precise) to pen down your every single thought. A lot and lot of “How to” is available on internet about it. A good SOP takes some time and it is the outcome of one’s effort ONLY. Make it best and I can bet you are in.
5. Two recommendation letters. Not your headache again. You have to ask your professors/employers to speak some good words about you and how have you been while working with them. It matters.
6. NTHU Medical and History Examination Form: Now this is something unusual which you won’t find in many other universities. Taiwan is quite uncompromising when it comes to the issue of public health. NTHU wants to make sure that you are healthy and not having any communicable diseases. In case of some other diseases, you have to take vaccinations or provide the equivalent test reports. This form needs to be signed and stamped by doctors and the hospital along with the certificated, if there are any.
7. Financial certificate. This is the bank statement which shows that in case you don’t get any scholarship support, you still can survive in Taiwan. It should be more than 1,20,000 NTD (4000 USD).
8. Declaration form. Nothing special about it. I do not even remember what was in it, to be frank.
9. Copy of your passport to verify nationality.
10. Program specific requirements. Now this is something depending on the program you are applying for. These things could include generally your English test scores, copies of your publications etc.It depends on the department and the degree you are applying for and the complete info can be find here.

Agh! A lot of documents. Right? But you are gonna take a little pain in SOP and the medical form only, as per me. Rest of the things are not big an issue. In case of any further question, be sure that you have already gone through the website of International office sufficiently well because it has all the information you need. PhD aspirants can also check this post for some detailed information. Good luck for your application.


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