Mysterious Tunguska Bang

We have known that at some time, dinosaurs had existed on Earth but after a terrible asteroid impact, their species became extinct and it never happened to rise again. In the history of humanity on Earth, we have not been in a protective cosmos either. Though the outer universe appears to be extremely dark and silent, but this darkness and silence comes back on to us in a way more horrific that we can not think of.

One such event goes back more than a hundred years ago when in the emptiness of silent region near Siberia, called as “Tunguska” there was a mysterious BANG. A sky full of fire, a noise louder than the continuous gun fires and the energy thousands times than that of nuclear bomb which devastated Hiroshima. It was a pleasant morning of 30th June 1908 which turned out to be dreadful for the generations yet to come in Tunguska. Had this been happened some time later, possibly some populated city of Russia or Europe would be now buried in History. This event burned the forests of some 2000 square kilometers in a time of a flash.

If I assume that this had been happened by a comet or a meteorite then it is probable. These meteorites leave some debris in their orbit when they evaporate and are broken up. When their orbit and Earth’s orbit happen to intersect, events like this could happen if the debris is big enough to survive the friction in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Surprisingly even in the ordered cosmos, these point-scaled chaos can cause so much destruction to the tiny human race. We are preparing ourselves for the calamities happening to us produced by Earth. But, have we even considered  the foreign disasters that could wipe our entire race away in a blink of eye?


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