And another airplane disappears!

After a series of ambiguous disappearances of Malaysian airline’s planes, it was yet another misfortune of Air Asia to face the same dilemma before the end of this year. A plane headed from Indonesia to Singapore never reached it’s destination and no-one has a clue about it. It is being said that the captain and the crew had enough flying experience but it ultimately happened. At this time, it is being estimated that the plane could have crashed somewhere in between it’s route which in fact is very shocking and sad if it comes out to be true.

Perhaps we still need to focus more on the advancements in the aviation industry as incidents like these are not just a loss of an airplane and more importantly, human lives. We still need better information systems and real-time monitoring systems. What we think of today as an advanced era, still has many loopholes which causes so much loss to us. We are lucky enough that we were not a part of any of these mishappenings. May the families stay strong and the best thing happen.


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