Astronomy and Astrology

There was a time when there were no smartphones, laptops and even books. Sun used to lighten our days while we used to spend our nights watching the beautiful night sky along with fire. Even in that time, we have a pretty good brain and we were like always, good in pattern recognition. When the early man had nothing to do at the nights apart from watching the skies, they started to observe certain patterns, certain images among the stars. At that time, people observed animals and birds in the night stars where they actually are not. This lead to birth of a new field later on, today called as astrology.

We have known three different components of universe: stars, moon and the planets. Our nearest star, sun, affects us in many ways as it it controlled the heat, seasons and our food. Moon has controlled the tides. But what about planets? Why are they around us? And this leads to the conclusion that they directly affect our FUTURE. The position of planets at the time of our birth decides our future, and that is what astrology is. It sounds strange now but some hundreds of years ago, it was not.

Astrology has been derived from the roots of astronomy but today, we know that the motions of the planets are governed by the laws of nature, in other words, gravitation. But in ancient times it was not known and that is why astrology was a field which can only be correctly understood by astronomers. Kepler has wrote “God provides for every animal his means of sustenance. For the astronomer, he has provided astrology.”


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