Life? Life!

This life is certainly a classical puzzle. We have never known how and why we had come into existence and where we would be after our destruction. Probably because we can think, we think about it. Things like stars and planets who have been in this space-time before us and will continue to be here for much much longer after us, do not give a damn to it, may be because they can’t.

This is one of my usual thoughts about questioning what am I really? Where have I come from and why am I even here? It is not even slightly easy to get it’s answer. I don’t know who could provide me an answer to this: science, mythology or something else. But, what I think is more important than this: If we have got a life, why don’t we use it for the betterment of whom we belong to rather than just wasting it for nothing. You must be knowing and hearing from many people that you live only once and you have got just one life. But, are you really living or are you just having a life is what matters the most. Ask yourself, are you really listening to the things around you or just hearing them because that’s what your ears are designed to do? Are you really observing them or just seeing because your eyes are pointing at them? More importantly, are you really living or just not realizing that every single breath you take is life and it MUST NOT be taken for granted? It is impossibly impossible that you can not make a meaningful life out of your life. It just depends on what we choose to be and how we act throughout this little time. This life of yours will be remembered for what you have done in it, not for what it has done to you.

There is an infinite capability in each of us, and perhaps for everything we wish to do. We are such a wonderful creature! We have brains and that is why we can learn, and we can learn anything. Though this life is really short, making us so pathetic that we can not even have our hands on everything that exist in the world. That is why our choices are important because they shape our life and they make what we are today, and what we would be.


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