How to apply for Internship at National Tsing Hua University

The purpose of this post is solely promotion of my current home university and not the welfare of you students (just kidding guys). I have been contacted by many people asking about how to get an internship or short term research here at NTHU. Those who know a little about Tsing Hua, let me tell you that NTHU is one of the finest universities in Asia as well as in the world. If I talk about number, it has been ranked in World’s Top 50 universities in quite a many fields. So, it is more than worth if you spend a little time here for your research. Taiwanese people are very helping and friendly so it could be a great experience for you apart from the academic counterpart. Let’s get back to the internship talk, as far as I know, there are three ways to get it:

1. Traditional Method: This is perhaps the oldest method. All you have to do is to simply contact the professor whom you are interested to work with. It all depends on your luck if you get a reply or not. Even if you get some reply, there is a slight chance to get the financial support which is actually a must for such internships. I have known people who have got into NTHU as well as other universities through this. Because professors around the world have a lot of projects, and that is why they could have vacancies for those projects. If your profile is appealing, don’t hesitate to try this option. It is a bit difficult though, but it works. People who are from the sister universities of NTHU could get some kind of academic exchange programs through their International office (I do not know a lot about it since I was not from a partner university).

2. Global Leadership Scholarship Program: This is one of the two internships program offered by NTHU. Though it is restricted to six engineering branches only, but it offers good experience and exposure. I was a part of this program one year before and that is what inspired me to get my Master degree from here. This program has been quite competitive in recent years as it offers you partial airfare and free accommodation in the university. If you got some luck, you might also get some stipend from the professor. Apart from the research work in lab, these guys will organize some kind of cultural trips and welcome party so as to introduce you to Taiwanese culture and get acquainted with other participants.

3. Indian Internship Program: This program is more particular as it invites application only from Indian partner universities of NTHU. So, in all, very few people could apply for it. The financial support is same as that of the other program but it could enhance your chances of selection if you are from a partner university of NTHU.

I think this is all I know about ongoing internships program at Tsing Hua. If anyone is interested to read my interview about this internship, check this website. Stay tuned for future posts about NTHU and Taiwan!


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