College and those friends

At this moment, many of my friends are working while some are preparing for some exams and few like me have gone for higher studies. We know that separation is a part but when I recall the times when we all were together, I think that was the most joyous world I had ever felt. From getting up late afternoon to fall asleep early in the morning, all the moments were special when I think about them now.

College is a family away from home and those friends earn a special place in your heart. Be in our happiness or your sickness, they are with us and some of them are good enough to be friends for life. Probably our room mates are the one who can get in to our lives more easily and there are always good chances to have a great bond with them (All of my room mates are my best friends, I am lucky). As I have experienced, my first and final year were the most happening years of my college life. From getting to know each other in first year to finally saying a good bye in final days, my journey has been unforgettable. It was certainly not the best place in this world, but the kind of people I met here made it the most wonderful place for me in the whole universe.

College is an important step in our life which also decides where we are gonna head further in our non-directional life. Not only academicians, it brings out extremely well sportsperson, artists, politicians and the people who directly serve the country (defense persons). For some people, it can bring out something which we never imagined to be within us.

In those four years, I have experienced every kind of emotions one could feel. There have been many moments of being happy, sad, heartbroken, excited, angry, feared and all these moments have shaped me into a person much mature than what I was before these years. Before this life gets too busy and our hearts get drifted further apart, I want to take this moment to say thanks to everyone I have met in those four years because in some way or another, they have influenced me and my life for which I feel good about today. Of course, you have my wishes to get everything you want in your life and till the time we meet again, do not forget about me because I will never dare to do that.


4 thoughts on “College and those friends

  1. kikihudson03 December 12, 2014 / 9:43 PM

    Although I’m a freshman, there are few thing in here that are the reasons I went to college.


    • tanmayagrawal7 December 12, 2014 / 9:54 PM

      And I hope after you will be graduated, there would be many more things for which you would feel like to be in college again!


  2. sachin December 13, 2014 / 12:03 AM



    • tanmayagrawal7 December 13, 2014 / 12:05 AM

      You too!


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