I know I have been wrong and I know I have not meant what I have said,
I just wanna take this time to tell you how important you are before it gets late,
Not just a wonderful friend, you have been an amazing partner,
I am the one messing things around but I don’t want it to get any darker.

Lately I have been hurting you bad but also realizing how important you are,
My nights have gone sleepless, and when I sleep, my dreams can’t really last,
Like others, I too want a simple life with a perfect person to be with,
I know it well that I am not perfect, but I feel perfect with you.

My dear, I know my words can’t mend your heart, but I just wanna tell you,
that as much as you are broken, I miss you even more than you can think of,
I don’t expect you to come back, I just want to take care of you in any way,
I have been making mistakes and I just want it to correct because you’re my life!


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