Time as I see it

We are here for a very very short time when we compare it to the time for which life has existed on Earth. In this little time, the curious human inside us wants to do as many things as possible. We are full of greed and that makes us to dream of doing many things. However, all of us know that it is impossible to do those things in a such little time with a limited amount of energy that we posses. But, probably because of the natural and artificial selection, we are better in doing some things than the others. It does not mean that we can not do those things, it just implies that we are not that efficient in doing them. It really matters and affects one’s personal as well as the societal development that what are we spending time with?

Time is a one way thing and we can not go back into our past(at least the science is not yet so advanced to take you back in time). As much as important is to spend our time on right things, it is equally important to find those right things for us. “Choosing right is as important as doing right”

One more thing that we should remember is that nothing is small even if it contributes a little to improve ourselves and the world we are living in. Some people choose arts for their life while some choose science and some choose bravery and sacrifice. Mindset of every segment is different, but if they do things right, their common aim is one, to make this world a better society. And why not do that? We have evolved in this direction over billion of years through the force of nature. If we are surviving today, it means that we are brave and lucky enough to survive. Our survival should be in harmony with the purpose of nature. Even if we are given a life accidentally, why can not we give something back worth equally our life in our lifetime.


2 thoughts on “Time as I see it

  1. Siddharth Jindal December 9, 2014 / 7:40 AM

    nicely written again tanmay. but i have a question.
    what do you think the purpose of nature is?


    • tanmayagrawal7 December 9, 2014 / 9:11 AM

      Thanks buddy.
      Nature has supported evolution, and that should be it’s purpose. And therefore we should try to “evolve” the human inside us.


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