A thought behind mortal humanity

At least for once in a while in our lifetime, we think of of the time when we have to die. We think about finding someway that we could be immortal or somehow we could just live more longer.
Few of us are obsessed with life (like me) that they don’t really want to have an end to it. On the contrary, few of us commit suicide (may be for them, their experiences in life were not so good). But human is a greedy animal, most of us find this fact a little hard to digest: they are gonna die someday. This little world of yours in which you have contained yourself, the thoughts that wander in your mind, the experience of being conscious: it has to end someday.

I too think about the fact that where I am gonna be once I die. But the answer I give myself to this question is straight forward. We can only know and feel things when we are conscious. When I am in a deep sleep with a sub-conscious state of mind, then I can not really recall where I am, who I am etc. I can not think about things with this state of mind. Being completely unconscious is far beyond this situation. It is just a sleep forever with never waking up again no matter what.

For a moment, imagine if we don’t have to die and we just keep on living and living. It sounds good for a second but think about it. The population on earth will keep on increasing but unfortunately our mother earth has limited resources. It has limited land surface to build your house on and to plant tress to give you food AND OXYGEN! Now in the case, if our numbers tends to be keep growing, then that would lead to a tragic situation! I seriously can not think about it but it’s not a good picture for sure. While thinking about this, all I can think was “Don’t be afraid to die, you are serving for the sustenance of mankind this way, and this is really good if you haven’t served your human race while you were alive, at least your death will have some good purpose.”

May be, with some incredible scientific discovery in future, we could unleash the purpose behind existence of our race and the life cycle that actually goes (if there is any). There are many more questions than the number of answers we know about. You are reading this post because you are conscious, but who knows while you are dead, can you still read it or not! The question can not be answered so easily.


2 thoughts on “A thought behind mortal humanity

  1. Divya Giri December 8, 2014 / 12:01 AM

    Incredible thoughts 🙂


    • tanmayagrawal7 December 9, 2014 / 9:11 AM

      Thanks that you liked it 🙂


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