Feeling that never found home

Certain questions never have an answer,
certain feelings crash down the heart like a disaster,
some people touch our lives in a wonderful way,
and when they touch our hearts deep inside,we’ve nothing to say.

And that person is you,who took my heart away,
because whenever I was feeling down,you were my happiness ray,
and now, when I want nothing except you,
O damn! Nothing is all I can do.

You reside there in my dreams,where I see you in my arms,
where by your just one sweet touch,you heal all my harms,
but that dream comes to an end when I open my eyes,
and I feel a pain in my heart after every sunrise.

Whenever I see you, I think why you’ve such a beautiful smile,
that makes me forget everything in this world for a while,
but when I realize that your sweet face is no more in front of me,
then I’ve to face the cruel truth of reality.

I wish to hold you tight whenever you’re down,
I wish to keep looking at you whenever you’re around,
I wish you to be by my side and never let you go away,
but all these are in vain, being just dreams of day.

Whatever there’s written in my destiny, it can’t change,
the turn that life took, feels a little strange,
now the only thing I see is love in the dark,
but in your heart, I just wish to have a love’s spark.

A spark, to brighten my life and to let you feel my love,
and a spark, to let me keep you happy always and ever!!

But who knows!!

Whether these fantasies will ever come true?
Or except praying for you to be mine, I’d be having nothing else to do.

All I wish, and all I pray is for your happiness,
I just wanna keep you away from every sorrow and mess,
I know my love is one-sided, but girl, its true!!
Never ever forget sweetheart, that I love you..


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