COSMOS: A space-time odyssey

I have recently started watching this science based documentary series. No doubt, it is indeed an odyssey! Hosted by Neil Tyson, it is a wonderful series of episodes, explaining the facts right from the very beginning of this cosmos. I have been always curious about the existence of universe and we, humans. What we actually are? How we got here? Where we will go once we die?

As per mythologies, it is like that god created this universe and our soul is what we are and after we die, soul takes on some another body and this process goes on. According to this theory based on mythology and spirituality, I think they mean that the universe was already “built” before our existence, but scientifically and by any mean, it can not be proved. Obviously, it can not really be proved so explicitly(correct me if I am wrong) that universe is the outcome of a big bang. But certainly the events that happened after we assume that if a big bang had occur, can be explained by science.

In this series, not just about the phenomenon and the stuff related to this cosmos, Tyson also tells about how the famous discoveries happened by people like Newton, Einstein, Maxwell (the heard ones) and William and John Herschel, Joseph von Fraunhofer, Edmond Halley (not so heard ones). It was interesting to know about Alhazen and how he tried to observe and explain what others at his time can barely think of. He was among the first ones to explain how we actually see things. He was an Arabic mathematician and that leads to mention of one of the great Indian mathematician Aryabhatta for his great great works. There are just so many things in each episode that they all are hard to write down here.

I think, people who are interested in science and to be specific, astronomy or astrophysics, must see this! It is a wonderful compilation of all the scientific progress around us.


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